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2023    Better   (Foley Editor)

2023    Champion   (Foley Recordist & Editor)

2022    You & Me    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Happy Valley    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Vienna Blood    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Treason    (Foley Editor)

2022    Gangsta Granny Strikes Again! (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    The Flatshare    (Foley Editor)

2022    Crossfire    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Heartbreak High    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Trying    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Red Rose    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Mystery Road: Origin    (Foley Editor)

2022    Everything I Know About Love    (Foley Editor)

2022    Gentleman Jack S2    (Foley Editor)

2022    The Split S3    (Foley Editor)

2021    The Responder    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2021    Magpie Murders    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2021    The Girl Before    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2021    Head Above Water    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2021    Home & Away    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2021    Tales of Aluna    (Assistant Sound Editor)

2021    Eden    (Post Sound Assistant)

2021    Amazing Grace   (Post Sound Assistant)

2021    The Strange Chores S2    (Post Sound Assistant)

2021    Dive Club    (Post Sound Assistant)



2023   The Royal Hotel    (Foley Recordist)

2022   Force of Nature    (Foley Recordist)

2022   The Hopeful    (Foley Editor)

2021    Seriously Red    (Foley Editor)

2021    The Interceptor    (Foley Recordist)

2018    Benefited    (Sound Designer)

2016    Out of the Woods    (Sound Recordist)



2023    Bedframe    (Foley Artist/Editor)

2022    Maison    (Foley Artist/Editor)

2022    Lucky Peach    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2022    Ghost Gear    (Foley Editor)

2022    Crushing Season    (Foley Recordist/Editor)

2021     Hopeful Romantic    (Sound Designer)

2021     Veil    (Sound Designer)

2020    Where is My Darling?    (Foley Artist)

2020    Dust Cloud    (Foley Artist)

2020    The Replica    (Sound Designer)

2020    Bedlam    (Sound Designer)

2020    The Retreat    (Sound Designer)

2020    The Familiars    (Foley/Dialogue Editor)

2019     Hermit    (Sound Designer)

2019     Jadai: The Broome Brawler    (ADR Recordist)

2018     Mama's Boy    (Sound Recordist/Designer)

2017     Piano Mums    (Sound Recordist/Designer)

2017     The Little Monk    (Sound Designer)

2017     Insatiable    (Sound Designer)



2020   War of Words Podcast    (Producer/Sound Editor)

2020   Refuge Podcast    (Director/Sound Editor)

2019    Phantom Falls Animatic    (Sound Designer)

2019    Deadliest Murder Podcast    (Sound Editor)

2018    Kindergo App TVC    (Sound Recordist)

2017    Live from the Larynx Web Series    (Sound Recordist)

2016    Guardian Pigeons Web Series    (Sound Designer)


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