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Refuge is a 6 episode thought-provoking narrative podcast series about survival at all costs that asks listeners, ‘What would you do?’. Set in Australia in the not-inconceivable future, Refuge tells the story of a husband and wife who are forced to flee their home after the government determines that they are enemies of the state.

After their friends and colleagues begin to be rounded up and arrested by the government's Home Affairs' agents, pregnant school teacher, Laura Porter and her lawyer husband, James, attempt to flee Australia for safe territory in a neighbouring country.

Their journey is far from simple.

After they are almost captured at the airport, the couple begin an arduous trek through rural New South Wales and Queensland, heading north towards the Gulf of Carpentaria, with hopes of escaping by boat. Along the way, they are forced to confront loyalist rednecks in a country pub, make uncomfortable alliances with a family of strangers, escape a government detention centre, travel via freight train and test the limits of their morality as they discover just how far they will go to protect each other.

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